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This website has been created to provide some empowering information to anyone who is currently struggling with tinnitus. I have been through quite a big journey with it myself since 2014, though I bring good news… I have found things which have helped me, and it has got a lot better, despite it becoming very sensitive, loud and uncomfortable at times. Yes, it can feel scary, but I want to help to ease your anxieties around it. No matter how bad things are right now, things can always get better. Drill that into your belief system, no matter how much your fear says otherwise.


This website promotes:

  • Belief in your ability to achieve a deeper sense of wellbeing; there are always opportunities to bring balance to your body, mind and emotions.
  • Listening to your bodies needs and learning to love yourself.
  • Becoming more present- giving fear less power and increasing your ability to be with what is, in this moment; and bring to it nurturing thoughts and actions. 
  • Understanding the connection between body, mind and energy, and how mind and energy impact our life and are the keys to transformation.  
  • The powerful medicine that lies within our hearts.

Inner peace is achievable.


tinnitus Ebook

First I focused on trying to eliminate the symptom, but then I realised that the symptom was just a way for my body to speak to me about underlying imbalances. It was then I really began to listen to my body and trust its guidance...


The hearts medicine

The hearts intelligence is an immense source of energy and medicine we can tap into, especially during times of challenge...


top 11 benefits of meditation

Some of the most powerful benefits I have experienced through meditation and how it has played a key role in healing...


Ebook available from this website


a guide for self-management & holistic healing for chronic tinnitus

Are you or do you know anyone who is struggling with tinnitus? This book is a friendly guide in managing the self though learning to live with the sometimes debilitating condition. Empowering and equipping you with tools to help you to achieve deeper balance and well-being and create the best conditions for tinnitus to improve. This book will give you tried and tested tools that will help you to navigate through the various challenges we face, and positively influence and nurture your life. I want to help you to feel much less helpless and much more positive!  Tinnitus can become a great turning point in our lives. It is a great kick up the arse from our spirit, guiding us towards our freedom and evolution.


the health benefits of having faith

A little faith can save your body from a lot of breakdowns, worry, anxiety and stress. It will carry you through change and turbulence.

anna hunt

A bit about who I am.


The trees assistance

Through our inner stillness, perhaps this could create some space for nature to say something to us. -May we listen.