Journeying with Tinnitus as Companion

  • Are you struggling with tinnitus?

  • Do you want to know what you can do to give tinnitus the best chance of reducing in volume and negative impact on your life?

  • Are you feeling powerless, and wish to turn that around?

  • Are you ready to learn about how tinnitus can help you to grow and evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

  • Are you interested in holistic healing or meditation but unsure where to begin?

  • Are you looking to create balance in your life?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this ebook may be for you.

I felt the same way, perhaps having been on a similar journey with tinnitus as you. I know how trapped, hopeless and frustrated you can feel, and how disheartening it can be to be told that there isn’t much you can do about it. However, I do not at all believe that we are powerless to it. My experiences have shown me some powerful things which have really helped me, and I would like to share them with you.

When tinnitus arrives, we just want to eliminate the symptom, but true healing aims deeper. The symptom is how the body speaks to us about underlying imbalances. I believe that every one of us is a powerful being, we just need to learn how to locate that power within us. I observed how tinnitus was impacted by my state of being. I learned how to direct my awareness in a productive way and how to nurture and help to bring myself into balance.

In 20 chapters, this insightful ebook is packed with tools to assist you in regaining balance. It includes an extensive guide to relevant nutrition, holistic treatments and other ways of nourishing, rejuvenating and bringing the body into a deeper state of balance and activate the bodies capacity for self healing, so that tinnitus has the best chance to reduce. It then leads on to guide you through an inner journey which addresses the challenges that you may be facing.

What are some of the biggest struggles we face?

  • It takes our focus and concentration.

  • Fear based thoughts and perspectives, anxiety and mental and emotional unrest and fatigue.

  • The ability to be at peace with ourselves, without distraction.

  • Difficulty sleeping

What is the most powerful thing we can work with, which deeply influences our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing?

  • Our own state of awareness- our state of mind and being. Our state of awareness deeply influences our life experiences. It is our internal response to life, and within this, lies the key to helping reduce tinnitus.

This book will give you tried and tested tools that will help you to navigate through the various challenges we face, and positively influence and nurture your life. I want to help you to feel much less helpless and much more positive! What is relevant now, is how you respond. We always have a choice in how we respond, and with a bit of self knowledge, we can learn responses which help us, so we are less bound by our conditioned reactions.

This book is packed with meditation practices, breath techniques and other release techniques so that you can be in the driver's seat of your life and be the source of your own medicine.

This book will help you to improve your relationship with yourself, and ultimately turn your relationship with tinnitus into a good one. It is an encouragement to see through the perspective that tinnitus has come to assist you in your evolution.


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