The health benefits of having faith

To come to understand the huge amount of influence we have on our healing and coming into a deeper balance through our thoughts, intention, our action and our care in the way we relate with ourself. There are many habits we have that do not serve us or anyone else for that matter. As we gain understanding into the extent that something isn’t serving, while seeing into alternative ways of being and responding, we can begin to serve our healing much more effectively.

Knowledge and understanding help! The Buddha said that our ignorance is one of the main causes for our suffering and when I look back on my own life, I would agree- hence my thirst for knowledge has only grown.


Faith: What is it? Where does it come from?

It comes from the heart. I have already spoken about the healing qualities of the heart in The Hearts Medicine blog, and faith is one of these qualities. It is a quality that in the unknown, will carry you through with an openness towards positive outcome. It will carry you through and towards your intentions and goals. Faith helps us to not give up, to keep on nurturing our life. It helps us to act on guidance that comes to us, weather through our intuition, the way our body speaks to us or a trusted friend. It is something that can grow.


In the absence of faith, we spend more time in fear and anxiety and we find it more difficult to make positive changes in our life which can keep us in stressful and unhealthy situations.

What are fear and stress doing to the body? If love is expansive, fear is contractive- the body closes in on itself in survival mode. We know that they don’t feel great and that they deplete our energy, stress is far from our optimum state of being.  Accumulative stress is toxic on the body. Tension can become chronic and deeply held in our muscles, leading to flare up of symptoms or aches and pain. Our conscious thinking becomes impaired under stress, so our thinking is less clear, less rational. Our life force becomes restricted… In any continued amount stress is unkind on the body to say the least.

When we want healing to occur, we want that energy flow through the body. We want relaxation, rest and nurture. We need it for cell regeneration and we also want it because the way we feel broadcasts a message out to our body, and ultimately we want to let our body know that it can relax and that it is loved, appreciated and supported, because that internal environment is conductive to healing. Our body is an environment of itself, and the way we feel is part of that environment and it plays a role in the direction our energy moves in.

Our feelings play a role in bringing things to our awareness. They want to be acknowledged and listened to, just as a friend would also want to be listened to, kindly and presently. And what do we seek in a friend but a heart? So, we must learn to be that heart to ourselves, and by offering our heart to ourselves we open up the most potent source of medicine available to us. It is most potent when it comes from within because it will touch every part of your being from here on and transform your life.

A little faith can save your body from a lot of breakdowns, worry, anxiety and stress. It will carry you through change and turbulence.

To hold this belief: Things can always get better, things will change.



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