I have been on a healing journey with tinnitus since 2014, which was triggered by being taken to my limit in stress. It has been life changing, and as difficult as that can be, it has also bought many gifts and has helped me to come into a much healthier relationship with my mind and body and take charge of my life.

At this time it feels so important for humanity to live more gently on this earth and with each other, though the process of change begins within. How can we be caring and attentive towards earth if we don't really listen to and act kindly towards our own body? All of life is sacred if we honour it as such.

May we re-enliven and deepen our relationship with the entirety of nature and the aspects of our self- body, mind and soul- so that we may live in out truest nature, and in receptivity to the feedback life gives us so that we may co-create our reality in harmony and interconnectivity with nature and spirit.